“The Princess and the Fangirl” by Ashley Poston – Review


Yes, a lot of the pacing issues are with Jessica Stone’s section. Her parts are super whiny and you want to be done with them. But other moments, especially near the end after she met and started to fall for Harper, are ones you want more of. The scene when they are in the hotel room and getting to know eachother and talking about the stars and why Starfield means so much to so many people. That scene was fantastic. But short. So very short. The development between that couple was mostly rushed and Jess mentions things that happened between the two of them but we don’t see it. I wanted more Harper. In general, and with Jess.

The script plot – which was the entire driving force to keep the story moving – was forced. I knew who it was from the beginning. You don’t just give someone something that important in a random hallway. That’s why actors have agents and personal assistants. So they don’t lose important scripts.

Though it does happen. Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars lost a script once and had to run back to the grocery store and get it back (it had her name watermarked on it so they would know who script spoilers came from).

This book does go into spoiler culture and toxic fans very well though. It was nice to see that in a book, and see a positive fandom reaction like this. It was a fairytale ending.


It wasn’t a random hallway, it was the backstage area of the panels, but I agree with not giving the actors things unless they can be trusted. Her personal assistant/best friend Ethan was standing right there when she threw it away in a random trash can and didn’t even go fetch it so maybe just send the important things to the agent!


That’s what made me question the director’s actions from that point on. Especially with all of Jessica’s whining about disliking Starfield and not wanting to be in the sequel.


I’m glad Jess realized how important it was to the fans to be Amara and not to diss your character when people have petitions with good reasons about why you should return. This wasn’t Geekerella where Elle was bashing Darrien. Not that I had a problem with that big because it worked with that story.


Jess did eventually get the whole importance of Starfield at the end. Though she did seem to like it before, but the toxic fandom did sway that for her.


There is a great part about the the dark sides to fandom. Especially the larger it get, I imagine Starfield would be one of those major Tumblr rulers with its Star Wars/Trek brethren.


Yes, Starfield was giving me Star Trek OG vibes. It was the grandfather of fandom and fanfiction.


I think they both inspired Ashley when she was writing it. I believe she read lots of Trek books.


I didn’t get into fanfiction or fandom until late high school/early college, but the first time I heard about fanfiction really was from Holly Black. In her Modern Faerie Tales books she has a character explain what slash was and why it got so popular. Essentially came from a Star Trek movie, where Spock was dying and Kirk was on the other side of the glass. It’s the taking away of that glass that makes it slash.That just stuck with me whenever I do read fanfiction, slash or not. It’s how people care about the characters that matter. We as fans connect with an idea, a character, and it helps shape us as humans.

When I talk to people about why I appreciate fanfiction so much I like to remind them about how when they were a child they would imagine themselves as a character in a show they were watching. They would join the cast on their journey, they would fall in love with someone. They would create this whole narrative in their heads. That creativity shouldn’t die when you get older. Authors use that creativity to write their books. Actors show off that creativity everyday they are on set. Fanfiction writers are doing the same thing, but instead of creating something wholly new they are living in that already established world.


I got into fan fiction in middle school when my friend told me about Harry Potter on Fanfiction.Net. I’m so glad we have Archive of Our Own now though.


When you are a writer it is so hard to come up with a story because you have to do the world building. You have to describe physically the characters never-the-less make them likeable and real. It’s hard. I’ve tried many times. But with fanfiction, the world is already there. The characters are already /real/. There’s a certain appeal to it.I can see that same passion in both “Geekerella” and “The Princess and the Fangirl.” Ashely Poston not only gets fan culture, but she does a good job of showcasing how the actors feel about it and how they deal with it.


No wonder fanfics are my comfort food.

Its the fandom culture that really drew me to this book. Fanfics are characters you’re already familiar with and you feel like you really know them or could be friends with. I think Ashley did a great job with giving us practically another fandom.


What was your favorite part of “The Princess and the Fangirl”?


I really liked Imogen and Ethan relationship development especially how he was there to pick her up like the following scene:

“I feel like…like I’m letting everyone down because I’m not good at anything.” ”Imogen. You started an online movement that has over fifty thousand signatures to try to save a character from a television show you are fiercely passionate about.”

They bond on nerdy things like Captain America. Ethan also talks like an old guy in a young body. “You called me a rapscallion.” [says Imogen] “I will never live that down,” [Ethan says shaking his head]


That was a good scene. It made me like Imogen more. Imogen was too much fandom. In her first section she rapid fire referenced like 5 different fandoms. In the audiobook is was extra irritating. But the audiobook voice actors were really good. Jess was soft spoken and Imogen was more confident. It fit the characterization very well.


Jess was the actress side of telling us the dangers of RPF. I liked the girl who voiced the first book.


Eileen Steven’s did do a good job in “Geekerella” for sure. She also did the VO in “The Princess and the Fangirl” which I always appreciate. If you got a good VO for a series keep ’em.(edited)So, Nisha, do you have any last thoughts before we get into our ratings?


No. Just can’t wait for the third book!


Me either! So, for you readers out there my rating is based on the audiobook version and Nisha’s is off the ebook version. I’ll go first.

I give Ashley Poston’s “The Princess and the Fangirl” ☆☆☆

Eileen Stevens, Emily Lawrence and Caitlyn Davies do an excellent job narrating the story. They’re voices do the characters justice. Caitlyn Davies is one of my favorite voice actors for audiobooks and I appreciated her hard work with this one.

The reason my score isnt closer to five stars is mainly do to the pacing. Some scenes dragged on far too long and others needed more time in the oven. I wanted to fall in love with the characters while they fall in love, but a lot of the development is rushed pe glossed over. Ashley Poston has created a great world in her Once upon a con series. Stardield is a fandom I want to be a part of. It’s one that means so much to so many characters and their love for it makes me love it.

“Look to the stars. Aim. Ignite.”


I would give it ☆☆☆ too.

I liked it well enough for being a sequel. It was just pretty drawn out. I think some of my own thoughts abut the dark turns fandom can take like Jess kept talking about has affect my reading of this book too. I did enjoy getting to know the characters though in this book.

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