Challenge Accepted: Angie’s first mission


If you’re an avid reader, you’ve probably seen memes poking fun at buying “too many books.” It’s a habit some of us have, even if we have a bunch piled up that we haven’t read yet.

When I think about the idea of “Reading Our Shelves,” that’s what it makes me think of: the idea that I need to tackle some of the books already on my shelf (or my TBR list) before I dig into more new ones! 

To that end, I went through my collection this weekend. My mission was to find at least 6 books of the same genre that I hadn’t read yet. I would give myself the challenge, for the purpose of this blog, to read 6 books in 6 months that were already on my shelves. I found that I had a plethora of biographies (some autobiographies, some not) on hand, so I am going to pull from this pile for this challenge.

So many biographies to choose from…

I’ve also created a shelf on Goodreads of the biographies (and memoirs) I’ve read already, if anyone is interested.

I’d love for you to join me!  Ok, you don’t have to read the same books I’ll be reading.  But give yourself the challenge of going through your shelves and digging out the things you meant to read and haven’t made time for yet.  Let me know if you uncover anything exciting!

One thought on “Challenge Accepted: Angie’s first mission”

  1. I had this same thought recently since we moved so I saw all of the amazing books that I’ve purchased excited to read, then just didn’t. Currently reading An American Marriage because of this! And loving it.


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