Summer Classic: Emma

By Angie Haddock

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend (if you live in the US), with lots of time to read!

Last year, I came across a page on Facebook that was promoting their summer read-along of War & Peace. I had never read it, and it was intimidating – most hardcover versions come in at around 1500 pages, and there are multiple translations! But, for whatever reason, I thought it would be a good challenge. It’s something I hadn’t tackled before, and it’s a classic, right?

The read-along was supposed to take 3 months. Of course, I got other library holds in, and other distractions came along. I finished the book, but it took me 7 months.

I have no bad feelings about it taking me that long, because I still finished War & Peace, and I feel like that is no small feat!

I liked the idea of tackling a classic regularly, so I’ve decided to make it a summer tradition. This year, I’m going to read Emma, by Jane Austen. I’m not giving myself a time limit to finish, as I’m still reading other books concurrently with this one. I started last week, though, and am a handful of chapters in (out of 55).

I know there are several movie versions of this story, including a new one that came out this year, so I may do a comparison review with that. We’ll just see how it goes!

Are there any classics you’ve been meaning to read, but never made time for? Could this be the perfect time to dust one off? Let me know if you’ll be finding a #summerclassic of your own!

2 thoughts on “Summer Classic: Emma”

  1. I’ll admit, I’m not a HUGE fan of classics on the general whole. I will admit, it’s tempting to re-read Emma. It will have to wait for me to re-gain library access in this pandemic though. I’ve actually read Emma before–for a class in Grad school–but as I said then, I struggle to like or even enjoy a book that I’m assigned. With that said, I think Jane Austen’s works could be pleasant on a re-read without the pressures of a timeline and/or it being assigned. I dare say I am kind of excited by the idea of re-reading Emma. Who knows, once I have access, I may read Emma then top off with reading another classic: Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. Made much distance in Emma since you last posted this? How are you feeling about the story so far?


    1. I just started Volume II, so… roughly a third of the way through? So far it’s ok. It’s not nearly as grueling as War & Peace!


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