BFF Shout-out and 2 mini-reviews

By: Angie Haddock

If you’ve been reading our blog for a long time, you may have noticed that I get a few of my ARCs (advanced reader copies) through a group called Books Forward. When I first signed up with them, their main headquarters were right here in Nashville. Since then, though, their New Orleans office has become home base. I only mention this because I feel like they’ve picked up a lot more New Orleans-based authors lately! (See this review.) In fact, both books I’m going to talk about today have their roots there.

The first is a coffee table book called MUTTS, by Olivia Pritchard. Pritchard photographed more than 100 dogs for this book, all mixed breeds, and all from the greater NOLA area. The main focus of the book is the pictures, although there is more info on each dog in the back/index part of the book.

This is a larger, hardcover book that would make a great gift for a dog lover. (Hint, hint – Christmas is coming.) And to that end, I’d like to highlight another aspect of this one, taken directly from the author’s note:

“In addition to hopefully fostering more love for mutts, a portion of the proceeds from the book are being donated to organizations that rescue and spay/neuter, including Take Paws Rescue, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Zeus’ Place, Greta’s Ark Animal Rescue, Trampled Rose Rescue, and the LASPCA.”

MUTTS comes out today, September 20th, 2022. Look for it at your favorite retailer or on

The next book I want to shout about today is called Phoebe Cakes and Friends: An Alphabet Tail, and is by Michelle Dumont. Phoebe was a rescued Bulldog that lived with Dumont, and inspired her to start writing children’s books. This is the second installment, and is a board book that introduces kids to the alphabet. Instead of “A is for Apple,” though, each letter represents a dog breed!

This one comes out next week, and is perfect for toddlers who love animals. Keep an eye out for it.

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