“Stars of Wonder” by Rebecca Dwight Bruff – Review

By: Angie Haddock

Five curious kids set out on an adventure that will teach them the value of wonder, gratitude, joy and love.


Another fun, short holiday read! This one is a children’s book – it comes in around 50 pages, divided into 3 chapters, with some sporadic but lovely illustrations. I would think it would appeal to parents of kids in early elementary school.

In this version of the Nativity story, five young travelers from the East follow the bright star to see what wonder it leads to. There are three brothers, who are princes, and their sister, the princess. They also bring along a friend, whose family takes care of their camels… because, obviously, they need a camel.

The camel gets injured, though, during an attack by mountain lions. So the friend and the princess stay back with the camel, near a spring, where they have water and a good view of the terrain around them. The three boys continue the journey, and promise to come back the same way to reconnect with the other two.

Both groups – and their parents, who head out to look for them – encounter some tricky situations along the way. The author pauses during these times and asks the readers what they would do, forcing them to take note of the lesson being set up in each situation.

This book is available in paperback, hardcover, or ebook. I was gifted a copy through the team at Books Forward.

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